FleetRadio is suited for education business.


Nurseries, primary and secondary schools as well as larger education establishments such as colleges and universities are all tasked with similar responsibilities - to deliver and maintain the health, safety, and security of staff, students, and visitors, and also for the peace of mind of parents and carers. Although budgets tend to be limited, there is an increasing justification and demand for mobile two-way radios on sites, to enable staff to share instant, vital communications outside and within the premises.

Our Reliable Solution

Hytera digital radios are abundant with security features such as one-touch call and text, emergency alerts, man-down and lone worker. With Prompt Alert feature built in, buses in the field of an active emergency can be notified instantly. When notified, the school buses would know to proceed to a pre-determined “safe zone” away from the school until an all clear signal is received. The alert tone is customizable both in frequency and volume. Hytera radios are easy to use and provide a level of efficiency for a variety of use case scenarios where durable and reliable radio communications is key.

Get Your Team Up And Running Quickly

by deploying nationwide push-to-talk devices that are built for the job!

The Radio

The Hytera PD362i open-standard DMR radio delivers clear two-way voice and text in a small pocket-sized design. This is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized organizations looking for cost-e?ective and high-quality radio communications.

The App

Using the Fleet Radio app is a great way to keep a tab on your operations, with location tracking, easy private calling, group management, and even messaging.

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