FleetRadio is suited for security business.


For those security professional, Fleet Radio has the Hytera two-way radios and bodycams to help you manage fast responses, collect video evidence, and keep employees safe.

Our Reliable Solution

Security professionals demand high-quality and rugged communications equipment that stands up to whatever the job requires. Hytera two-way radios are built for safe and secure two-way radio and video communications. Hytera radios provide features that help keep security professionals safe and on the job.

Get Your Team Up And Running Quickly

by deploying nationwide push-to-talk devices that are built for the job!

The Radio

The PNC360S is an ultra-compact, rugged, and easy-to-operate push-to-talk radio that enables connectivity over 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi for wide-area radio communications. It is cost-effective, and surprisingly feature rich for the price. The compact size enables one-hand operation, and the PNC360 can be carried in pocket, worn on the standard belt clip, or worn on a lanyard.

The App

Using the Fleet Radio app is a great way to keep a tab on your operations, with location tracking, easy private calling, group management, and even messaging.

Simply login, and get access to features other companies can’t come close to!

We are happy to offer our customers multiple ways to connect and provide tools to help make their jobs easier!