March 1, 2022

Are Cell Phones a Distraction for your Businesses?

Cell Phones a Distraction

Have you ever tried to take a picture but by the time you got your phone out the photo you desperately wanted to capture was gone? Odds are you have. That same concept can apply to your daily business operations. Think of all the times you’ve missed out on an opportunity where you could’ve prevented an accident, gotten a simple question answered quickly, or tracked down where those darn keys without having to call three different people. Therefore, having a fast and effective communication solution can save you time, money, and preventable mistakes.

Smart phones are an amazing tool that almost every American has access to and uses daily for surfing the web, snapping pictures, scrolling through social media, and communicating. However, when it comes to using them for your business it can quickly become more of a distraction than an asset.

  • In 2018 approximately 2,850 people were killed as a result of distracted driving with the primary cause being texting while driving.  
  • A survey from Career Builder found that 55% of employees said they are routinely distracted by their phones and browse the internet or social media sites during work.
  • The staffing firm OfficeTeam found that workers spend around 56 minutes per day on their mobile devices while at work. What’s more, workers are using their devices specifically for personal matters in these periods.
  • Research from Forbes shows that 28% of the time, employees are likely to make an error at work after taking a phone call, and a mistake is made 23% of the time after texting. Smartphones decrease productivity at work and produces problematic distractions.

In the case of cell phones, statistics prove that the devices impede productivity and are sometimes dangerous, especially while driving. According to Dr. Ian Pike, executive director at the Community Against Preventable Injuries, driving while texting is just like driving with your eyes closed for an entire city block.

This is where Fleet Radio comes into play. Take the risk out of your employee’s hands and try a free demo radio today. Contact us for more information on how to increase your businesses productivity, increase safety, and reduce communication costs at the same time.