May 1, 2022

How Reliable Communication can Improve Event Management

How Reliable Communication can Improve Event Managment

Event management takes talent and organizational mastery to be successful. Those who plan and manage events for a living understand the importance of fast communication. The odds are good that not only are most of your employees busy doing their own tasks when events are underway, but most of them are out of your line of sight.

That can make communication challenging. Cell phones are considered time wasters and can be viewed as disrespectful in a work environment; and your average store-bought radio breaks easily, runs out of battery life quickly, and sounds awful.

That’s where Fleet Radio’s two-way push to talk radios come into play.

Small, Durable, and Made for All Conditions

Because events take place rain or shine you need radios that can do the same. Fleet Radio’s sport varying degrees of water and dust resistance making them useful when the sun is shining or when the rain is falling. Fleet Radios can be dropped and knocked around without affecting clarity of communication or functionality.

Furthermore, event planners do better with something sleeker, more compact, and that weighs considerably less. Planners and employees alike will be carrying around a radio for long hours of the day and need it to be lightweight enough to be of no concern. Fleet Radio offers just that.

Group or Individual Communication

Communicating with a large group of people all at once is one thing that sets two-way radios apart from other forms of communication. This eliminates phone tag, voice mail retrievals, and various other time-consuming forms of communication. Group communication is proven to increase efficiency and flatten communications across the enterprise, so everyone knows when, where, and what they are supposed to be doing during the day.

Long Range for Communications

Since some events take place in wide open spaces and others in large building, communication can be spotty. Communication is vital for the successful event operations, so the workforce needs a system that can work at any distance no matter what. Fleet Radio’s operate on the cellular network which allows users to communicate across vast distances. Whether you are on the opposite side of an event venue or picking up supplies in town- Fleet Radio systems make communication effortless.

Useful Assortment of Accessories and Tools

In addition to Fleet Radio tools that help improve functionality of two-way radios for event planning and coordination purposes, Fleet Radio also offers accessories such as:

· Backup batteries

· Charging stations

· Mics

· Headphones

Long-Lasting Batteries

Sometime events require staff on the job for long hours at a time. Much longer than the projected eight-hours most batteries can handle before shutting off. You need a radio that can handle long hours of work just like your team. The best push-to-talk two-way radios will have batteries that last up to 12 hours giving you one less thing to worry about.

Still not sure whether Fleet Radio’s two-way radios are the right choice for you? Talk to a Fleet Radio specialist today to learn the reasons your event services company can benefit from our two-way radios. Call (919) 777-2866 or take a look at our products online.