February 1, 2022

The Importance of Communication in Agriculture

The Importance of Communication in Agriculture

Everyday in America farmers wake up and tend to the nearly 915 million acres of farmland across this country. This of course is a task that comes with tough challenges and a commitment to successfully and safely grow a high yield of crops every year.

The Challenge of Communicating on a farm

Farms are scattered around the country but most of them are found in rural, large flat areas. The main challenge farmers face with conventional two-way methods ( UHF, VHF, Low band )

is the lack of coverage. As farmers move around and tend to their different fields they can often find themselves out of range and unable to communicate without using a cellphone.

How we can help

We specialize in professional two-way communications, and are trusted by dozens of the biggest farmers in the NC agricultural field. Our solution uses the vast and ever-expanding cellular network to ensure that our farmers are able to communicate with their entire team regardless of the distance. We are able to utilize your existing communication infrastructure to save you money and combine your communications.  We respect our farmers and realize the importance their job holds for feeding, clothing, and providing for Americans everyday.

We offer an affordable high-quality portable radio that gives the best communication to our hardworking farmers. Our Frx6i is in high demand by farmers across the east coast and is available for seasonal renting with no long-term contracts.

Are you a farmer and want to experience our communication solution for the agricultural field on your farm?

Get a demo set sent out to you and see how we can help you get business done!